Shaping the future of Agriculture using Artificial Intelligence

We develop a very simple to use autonomous
robot helping farmers to minimize labor costs and produce high
quality bio-products using smart technologies.


Precise autonomous field navigation

Our product is able to execute autonomously a large variety of agriculture tasks like weed management, soil and crop measurements and disease detection using high-end sensors and smart algorithms.

Meet Our Team!

Konstantinos Kandylas

Cofounder / System & Embedded Software Engineer

Passioned about embedded systems with expertise in the automotive sector. Experienced in multi-disciplined development, safety & system specifications.

Petros Katsileros

Cofounder / Machine Learning Software Engineer

 Passionate in Deep Learning and Robotics with expertise in Machine Learning and Software Engineering.

Ioannis Bakatsis

Partner - Agronomist/Economist

Both Agro & Economics degree with master at Agro Economics. Background in the vegetable farming processes and experienced in logistics systems and agri-food investments.

Ioannis Charalambidis

Mechanical Engineer

Msc Mechanical Design Engineer, specialized in Structural Design and Analysis.